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Sound Attenuators for HVAC System !!

 EEsaplling Sound Attenutors

Sound attenuators (silencers) are used in HVAC systems to help absorb noise that is generated by fans or other air moving equipment. Kinetics offers the design and engineering assistance to integrate our line of duct silencers, sound attenuators into a system solution.

As the HVAC system regulates and sends supply or return air through a complicated maze of ducting and channels, it also generates a number of sounds at various stages.
The sound is generated by mere movement of air at a certain  pressure, then there are sounds that emanate from vibration of the ducts, operation of equipment like the VAV station ststions etc. 
While slient and noise free poperation of the HVAC system is a desirable characteristic in any situation, it assume added and critical significance in certain specific application such as in the hospitality or healthcare sectors.

1.  Duct Velocities:
     Air velocity within a duct system influences the noise levels significantly. Regenerated noise can be created by transition pieces, dampers, grills and diffusers. Regenerated noise can be avoided by limiting the air velocities within the duct system.

2. Regenerated noise from duct element VAV boxes:
    Apart from noise of fans, aerodynamic sound is generated at duct elbows, dampers, branch takeoffs, air modulation units, sound attenutors, and other duct element.
Duct-related aerodynamic noise problems can be avoided by
  • Sizing ductwork or duct configurations to keep the air velocity low.
  •  Avoiding abrupt changes in duct cross-section area
3.Sound radiated through ducts:
    An HVAC fan and its connected ductwork can act as a semi closed, compressible fluid pumping system where both acoustic and aerodynamic air pressure fluctuations at the fan are transmitted to other locations in the duct system.

Advantages of Sound Attenuators:

The audio attenuator can be an assemblage that is installed in a duct system to soak up unpleasant sound created by fans. Acoustics attenuators are specially made for the goal of reducing noise in virtually any heating, air flow, and air-conditioning system. Any HVAC system makes a great deal of noise at that time they can be under operation, however when an attenuator or silencer is installed in the machine, they decrease the sound created by the system and offer a peaceful environment.
The noise of the fan when moving along venting ducts can be quite unpleasant, so these silencers are used for reducing the entire noise made by the fan.

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