Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ventilation and Fire Protection System at Airport...

 Esaplling supply a range of ventilation and indoor climate solutions suitable for airports, including lounges and waiting areas. We offer efficient systems for ventilation and air conditioning as well as for fire and smoke protection.

We supply the complete ventilation solution including:
  • Air handling and filtration, including treatment of air-side fumes, heat recovery and full temperature control
  • Ventilation fire safety solutions, including fire dampers, smoke dampers and monitoring and control. 
  • Chilled beam and fan-coil units for economical and rapid indoor climate control
  • Diffusers and grilles, suitable for air distribution from high and low levels
  • Displacement ventilation solutions at low level within terminal buildings
Air renewal, in occupied buildings where the air is used up or polluted very quickly is a fundamental requirement of building comfort, especially in airports which cater for thousands of travellers each day. Individual zones such as offices, shops, terminal buildings, airport gates and restaurants all have different requirements. Despite the need to introduce fresh air to these zones, the space temperatures must also be maintained at the required level.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Air Conditioning System For Cinemas and Theaters !!

Theater buildings present a unique challenge when selecting a heating and air conditioning system to provide proper ventilation.

Theater owners face the issue of providing greater amounts of ventilation air without increasing the cost of the system and its cost of operation. In addition, theaters have several types of rooms around the main atrium including lobbies, projection rooms and restrooms, which have their own ventilation and temperature requirements. Proper humidity and temperature control between these areas requires special attention. Humidity, not just temperature, has an important impact on human comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Conventional air conditioning systems use cooling coils to adjust humidity levels, but that approach can be expensive.  The air is cooled down to below its dew-point in order to condense out the moisture, but then needs to be re-heated to provide air into the occupied space at an appropriate temperature and relative humidity.

Movie theaters also have intermittent occupancy.  This can generate high running costs as ventilation and thermal requirements will vary greatly, resulting in the system being necessarily over-sized for much of the time.  Independent control of humidity allows this to be adjusted without the cost of unnecessarily adjusting the temperature. 

Esaplling dehumidification products can lower space humidity and provide proper ventilation while reducing energy costs and increasing patron comfort. By using a Esaplling dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), energy costs can be maintained while providing the theater with required ventilation air.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Air Showers Effective for Clean Rooms!!!

Air Showers are self contained chambers installed at entrances to clean rooms and controlled environments. Air showers quickly and effectively remove particulate that otherwise would be carried into a clean room. They are intended as the "final polish" after gowning prior to entering a clean room environment. Air showers from Clean Air Products are ideal for a variety of clean room applications in industries including pharmaceutical/ bio processing; semiconductor/electronics; and automotive painting and finishing.Worker cleanliness is essential in any workplace where contamination control is the norm. Although water showers can help you reduce soil on your body, air showers are an effective means of removing contamination from your work clothes.
Facilities use air showers to minimize the movement of biological contaminants attached to other particles. Air showers are enclosed chambers with entry/exit systems, and they use door interlocks and timers to direct strong bursts of air that dislodge contaminants on personnel or parts.The greatest source of particulate contamination in a clean room is the operator. Air showers are installed between change areas and the clean room. The air shower enhances clean room operating protocol by serving as a reminder to all operators that they are entering a controlled environment. Personnel therefore develop the habit of gowning up properly before entering the air shower.

Identifying Users of Air Showers..

Electronics manufacturers use air showers because of the sensitive nature of constructing integrated circuits or chips. Strict sanitation is also required in the pharmaceutical industry, where the design and development of drugs and medications are prevalent. Air showers are also employed in the biotech industry, where clean rooms are used to experiment with bio-molecular and cellular processes. Similarly, in the medical industry, workers take air showers to ensure that surgical procedures are kept sterile.

Air showers are beneficial for contamination control across many industries. By making the work atmosphere cleaner and safer for personnel and products, air showers form a reliable link to clean rooms. Users of air showers can help to maintain high standards of air cleanliness by following proper protocol and operation parameters.

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