Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ventilation and Fire Protection System at Airport...

 Esaplling supply a range of ventilation and indoor climate solutions suitable for airports, including lounges and waiting areas. We offer efficient systems for ventilation and air conditioning as well as for fire and smoke protection.

We supply the complete ventilation solution including:
  • Air handling and filtration, including treatment of air-side fumes, heat recovery and full temperature control
  • Ventilation fire safety solutions, including fire dampers, smoke dampers and monitoring and control. 
  • Chilled beam and fan-coil units for economical and rapid indoor climate control
  • Diffusers and grilles, suitable for air distribution from high and low levels
  • Displacement ventilation solutions at low level within terminal buildings
Air renewal, in occupied buildings where the air is used up or polluted very quickly is a fundamental requirement of building comfort, especially in airports which cater for thousands of travellers each day. Individual zones such as offices, shops, terminal buildings, airport gates and restaurants all have different requirements. Despite the need to introduce fresh air to these zones, the space temperatures must also be maintained at the required level.

We Offer Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Services...

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