Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Air Conditioning System For Cinemas and Theaters !!

Theater buildings present a unique challenge when selecting a heating and air conditioning system to provide proper ventilation.

Theater owners face the issue of providing greater amounts of ventilation air without increasing the cost of the system and its cost of operation. In addition, theaters have several types of rooms around the main atrium including lobbies, projection rooms and restrooms, which have their own ventilation and temperature requirements. Proper humidity and temperature control between these areas requires special attention. Humidity, not just temperature, has an important impact on human comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Conventional air conditioning systems use cooling coils to adjust humidity levels, but that approach can be expensive.  The air is cooled down to below its dew-point in order to condense out the moisture, but then needs to be re-heated to provide air into the occupied space at an appropriate temperature and relative humidity.

Movie theaters also have intermittent occupancy.  This can generate high running costs as ventilation and thermal requirements will vary greatly, resulting in the system being necessarily over-sized for much of the time.  Independent control of humidity allows this to be adjusted without the cost of unnecessarily adjusting the temperature. 

Esaplling dehumidification products can lower space humidity and provide proper ventilation while reducing energy costs and increasing patron comfort. By using a Esaplling dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), energy costs can be maintained while providing the theater with required ventilation air.

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