Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Air Management for Pharmaceutical Environments !!!

High demands of clean environments for pharmaceutical industry..

Esaplling Pvt. Ltd. is the ideal partner for air management systems. All pharmaceutical industry products must be produced in air conditioned and clean space.The air conditioning and ventilation system in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vital elements in the manufacturing process.
For any process, whether human, mechanical or chemical, the condition of the surrounding air is vital. Not only does the air have to be clean, but it also has to be the correct temperature, correct humidity, be odorless, and contain the correct amount of fresh air. Maintenance operations like cleaning are always a major aspect of any plant, mostly because of functionality issues. Within the pharmaceutical sector, requirements are even higher due to the hygienic demands. Each part of our HVAC systems have been designed to facilitate visual control as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance.
HVAC systems have a major impact on:
  • Environmental control
  • Hazard control
  • Life safety
  • Energy consumption of the building.
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