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'Fan coil unit' (FCU)..!

''Fan Coil Unit''

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a simple device consisting of a heating or cooling coil and fan. It is part of an HVAC system found in commercial, and industrial buildings. Typically a fan coil unit is not connected to duct work, and is used to control the temperature in the space where it is installed, or serve multiple spaces. It is controlled either by a manual on/off switch or by thermostat. The FCU is a simple appliance that works by itself, rather than as a component in an HVAC system. It contains only a coil and a fan to re-circulate indoor air in a smaller space because it does not use ducts to deliver further. The function is carried out as the fan transfers air over the coil to change the temperature warmer or cooler before pushing it out into the room.Fan coil units have been selected to provide local heating and cooling for many years and there are still many positive attributes that justify the choice of a fan coil unit system today.

Types of fan coil unit:
Fan coil units are divided into two types-
1. Two-pipe fan coil units:
Two-pipe fan coil units have one supply and one return pipe. The supply pipe supplies either cold or hot water to the unit depending on the time of year.
2. Four-pipe fan coil units:
Four-pipe fan coil units have two supply pipes and two return pipes. This allos either hot or cold water to enter the unit at any given time. Since it is often necessary to heat and cool different areas of a building at the same time, due to differences in internal heat loss or heat gains, the four-pipe fan coil unit is most commonly used.
Where the heating and cooling is provided locally, they may be referred to as variable refrigerant volume (VRV) or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. Here, refrigerant is circulated between one or more fan coil units and is connected to an external heat exchanger. These systems may be more prone to refrigerant leakage than units that are connected to hermetically-sealed central chillers.
Fan coin units are relatively compact and straightforward to install. However, they require regular maintenance to ensure continued efficient operation.When a fan coil unit cools air, it will generally cause condensation which must be collected and drained or pumped away.
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