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An Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program is a formulated plan of training, cleaning, work practices, and surveillance to maintain asbestos-containing materials (ACM) within buildings in good condition. The goal is to minimize exposure of all building occupants to asbestos fibers.

To accomplish this objective, EPA recommends that an O&M program include work practices to:

  • Maintain ACM in good condition
  • Ensure proper cleanup of asbestos fibers previously released
  • Prevent further releases of asbestos fibers
  • Monitor the condition of ACM      

 Operations and Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Ensure a safe and healthful workplace by identifying, prioritizing and mitigating building risks.
  • Serve as the fire protection engineering consultant on fire protection matters related to operations and maintenance.
  • Ensure fire protection approaches are consistent with GSA requirements.
  • Develop and consult on government-wide policy and regulations related to fire protection and operations and maintenance activities to ensure cost-effective solutions.
  • Develop management databases used to determine investment requirements and potential operating profitability, based upon a building’s fire protection needs.
  • Support agencies developing safety awareness programs and help them comply with legal requirements.
  • Address the general and specific objectives for protection of employees,property, and mission from the affects of fire.
  • Review, assess, and recommend risk-based solutions for unique hazardous or potentially hazardous situations.
  • Ensure that operation and maintenance criteria and guidance is current,regularly communicate with regional staff and management to ascertain need.     

Lack of operation and maintenance strategies to maintain building energy system performance leads to increased energy use and less healthy buildings. The first step toward improved practices that take advantage of potential energy savings is to identify the O&M practices routinely performed in buildings. Understanding O&M baseline practice has two major benefits. First, baseline is the benchmark from which to measure the success of improvements in O&M practices. 
  Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) involves maintaining, repairing, and replacing if necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations. Over time, this has come to often include both scheduled and preventive maintenance as cost-effective practices. Scheduled inspections have also come to fall under MRO purview. 

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