Friday, 8 December 2017

Esaplling Air Conditioning Products !!!


 Split AC:
   Esaplling Split ACs are the most efficient air conditioners when it comes cooling and energy saving. Incorporated with innovative technologies, these stylish air conditioners give you superior comfort with faster and comfortable cooling.

 Window AC:
    Window air conditioners are also extremely efficient in the amount of energy they use. These units fit directly inside your window, and are readily available in a wide range of BTU's to accommodate rooms of all sizes.
Window AC available from 0.8 Tr to 2.0 Tr in single phase rotary compressor.

   Cassette type ceiling suspended four way cassette available in 1.5/2.0/3.0 and 4.0 Tr Capacities.
It offers uniform cooling even in the most irregular shaped rooms. Its installation is hassle-free since it requires no ducting. In addition to its decorative panel that is specially designed to blend into the ceiling.

  Floor Standing airconditioner cools every inch of your commerical space while looking stylish at the same time. 
Floor standing units are portable, which means they are meant to be moved from room to room.
With energy efficient technology, it's made for ideal temperature results.
So in whole they are ideal for cooling the area any time. Furthermore, their smooth moving casters help to make moving the system in one room to a different with fresh and awesome air.

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