Friday, 29 December 2017

Balanced Ventilation !!!


Proper Ventilation Is Important For Safety....

The process of continuously moving fresh air into a given area. This process is the best way to control heat as well as most atmospheric hazards found in a confined space. Effective ventilation fan or blower systems can provide a method of maintaining a breathable atmosphere within the space by achieving a reduction in the level of contaminates (gases, vapors, mists, fumes and dust) within the space. Confined Space fans can provide heating or cooling to a given space, thereby making the temperature more comfortable to work in. There are essentially three methods of ventilation: natural ventilation – mechanical air supply – mechanical air exhaust.
Choosing the best method will depend on the size and configuration of the space, the work being performed, how many people are inside the space working, and the nature of contaminates and hazards to be managed. In addition, a building’s own ventilation system may also impact the outcome of this process. It is necessary to make sure that any confined space you are having work done on is properly ventilated for the safety of your workers. Without the proper ventilation, there may be toxic gasses and fumes accumulating that may not be visible, but are present in the work space. Other potential dangers include the presence of free-flowing granular solids, such as grain bits. Confined space hazards have caused multiple deaths and are a high concern for employees and employers. We advise using the proper techniques to ensure the safety of your employees who are working in a confined space, and having the appropriate confined space ventilation equipment to protect them.
The selection of a specific ventilator should be based on the following factors:
  • Job details such as the atmospheric hazard, the size of the confined space, etc…
  • Airflow required
  • Airflow volume required at the end of the duct to control the hazards present; and
  • Breeze to ensure worker comfort in the space.
  • Duct friction loss to ensure adequate air volume reaches the end of the duct.

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