Thursday, 7 December 2017

Server Panel !!!

 Esaplling server panel

Server Panel

Server is a computer or a device on a network that manages network resources.
Depending upon the workload & environment. We have a complete range of servers with sizes ranging 1U, 2U, 4U, 5U and 42U that suits all needs from web servers, departmental storage and database servers right through enterprise wide processing servers. Rackmount servers are dedicated CPUs for the safe storage of information. These servers are able to hold large amounts of information, making the products perfect for large businesses looking to integrate multiple computers onto the system. Rackmount servers are most dependable on the market and provide quick and easy access to information from multiple sources.

Server racks  are important to your business success because they provide a space for vital equipment that is crucial to the survival of your organization. If you select the right server rack, you will keep your equipment cool, your power running, and your downtime minimized. The internal height of a server rack is measured from the highest location of any side rail to the bottom chassis; the inside depth of a server rack is measured from the insides of front and rear doors; and inside width is measured one side panel to the other one. Make sure that the rack external dimensions will fit in the floor space planned for it. Also, make sure to check that it safely positions through all the doorways. 

A patch panel, patch bay, patch field or jack field is a device or unit featuring a number of jacks, usually of the same or similar type, for the use of the same or similar type, for the use of connecting and routing circuits for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner, patch panels are commonly used in computer networking, recording studios, radio and television.

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