Tuesday, 12 December 2017

“Maintaining air quality of car park ventilation” !!

The Ventilation Control System is a tailored solution, designed to efficiently manage the car park ventilation equipment. It helps maintain good air quality when the car park traffic is high and conserve energy when it is low.
  • Quick and easy to install and commission
  • Controller’s pre-set parameters increase and decrease the fan’s speed in proportion to demand
  • Will increase the energy efficiency of your car park
  • Helps maintain good air quality
  • Connects to the FIP
  • Full speed override function
  • Purge timer function
  • Can connect to a BMS for monitoring
  • The Ventilation controller can be factory pre-configured to suit specific car park requirements.
  • Automatic/off/manual modes of operation
  • Integrated smoke detection

In an enclosed space, such as underground car park in malls, smoke is a real threat to life and it also causes significant issues for fire fighters dealing with fire, in case there is a fire breakout. Hence, these places need a good ventilation system for the removal of exhaust gases and replacing the wasted air with fresh air inside the car parking space so that the people inside do not get suffocated or choked.
The conventional ventilation system was ducted ventilation system which requires a ducting arrangement for the provision of fresh air. It is being replaced by latest ductless ventilation systems that do not have require any ducts to exhaust smoke and provide fresh air inside. These systems are perfect for enclosed and underground spaces that are already fighting for space.

Ventilation systems for car parks, loading bays and service areas are needed to achieve two objectives. Day-to-day ventilation is needed to control build up of vehicle exhaust fumes or spilled fuel when the facility is in general use. Acceptable day-to-day air quality is maintained by removing exhaust gases produced by vehicles and by ensuring that there are no pockets of stagnant air. Smoke ventilation is needed to provide a means of clearing smoke from the car park during and after a fire. This will limit smoke temperatures and structural damage and inhibit smoke spread between floors. Smoke ventilation systems may be designed in addition to provide clear smoke-free access for fire fighters to tackle the seat of the fire or to protect means of escape from the car park. 

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