Friday, 26 May 2017

Ductless Ventilation System !!

Ductless ventilation system is the latest in applying modern technology in building management system. Hither to car parking ventilation has been done with conventional duct system. In this system a set of fresh air fans and exhaust fans are used. Through a well laid out duct the fresh air is being pumped to the car parking area and the exhaust fan sucks these air and remove it out.
A series of jet fans and exhaust fans are used in ductless ventilation systems for the removal of exhaust. The jet fans provide a high velocity to the gas stream entering into it and pass it onto the next exhaust or jet fan which then releases the gas stream to the outside surrounding while also replacing it with fresh air from outside.
The first and foremost advantage that these systems have over ducted ones is that due to the lack of ducts, it is extremely to install ductless systems in car parking spaces. The time and cost taken for the installation is also considerably lower.

Advantages of Ductless Ventilation Systems-
  • With the absence of ducts, the weight of the installation is also less. The jet fans are made of lightweight, less density corrosion resistant aluminum and the outer casting is made up of stainless steel.
  • The overall height of the basement gets restricted due to the installation height of the ducts and then the parking space is also convenient for small and medium cars and larger cars do not fit in. Whereas with ductless systems, one does have to face such issues.
  • The jet fans in ductless systems are synced with CO2 detectors and they automatically adjust themselves to work according to the CO2 level in the parking space. Whereas in ducted systems, the fresh air and exhaust fans would be required to work all day leading to more energy consumption.
  • The jet, impulse or induction fans are designed to have a characteristic thrust that ensures a relatively even distribution of air.
  • The jet fans can be worked in single or in both directions, according to the requirement.

In light of the above advantages that ductless systems offer over ducted ones, it can be safely said that ductless ventilation systems are ideal for underground car parking spaces in malls which already have less space and need to provide for hundreds of cars that come day in and out. The level of fresh air need to be maintained if people are to be prevented from getting suffocated and also a good ventilation system will come in handy when fire breaks out as it would neither be possible for people to vacate the space if there is smoke everywhere nor will the fire fighters be able to do their job.
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